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The county of Fjallabyggð was created when the towns of Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður united in 2006. Fjallabyggð has about 2000 occupants. The tunnel through Héðinsfjörður connect these two towns, they opened on October 2nd in 2010. For tourists and outdoor people Fjallabyggð has a lot to see and offer. 

During winter the place is a skiparadice and a dream for outdoor activities. You can go skiing, cross-country skiing, skates, snow mobiles or fish in the towns big lake, Ólafsfjarðarvatni.

During summer it’s the mountains, the lake and the black sand beach that are charming in Fjallabyggð. In the spectacular landscape of Fjallabyggð you can find multiple hiking trails through mountains and valleys and enjoy a unique view of peace and tranquility. You can do some fishing in the river and lake in Ólafsfjörður, in the fjord connecting the two towns Héðinsfjörður, as well as in Hólsá in Siglufjörður.

 Last but not least, you can go fishing on the docks of the two towns. Both Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður have 9 hole golf courses. Siglufjörður has an indoor pool and Ólafsfjörður an outdoor pool with slides, see opening hours here.

The Herring Era Museum is located in Siglufjörður, is officially recognised as a museum specialising in the history of the herring industry in Iceland. It may even be the only museum of its kind in the whole world. In three different houses you can get to know all about herring fishing and the process when on land.

The Herring Era Museum was the first winner of the Icelandic Museum Award 2000 and won the European Museum Award 2004, the Micheletti award. In Siglufjörður there is also The Folk Music Center and in Ólafsfjörður there is a gorgeous natural history museums with numerous stuffed birds, housed at the top floor of Aðalgata 14, where the towns bank, Arionbanki is housed.