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Kaffi Klara Art Residence

Kaffi Klara Art Residence is the perfect creative spot for living an artistic experience in North of Iceland in a small village along the Arctic Coast Way not far from the polar circle. The residence is situated in the old post office in the center of Ólafsfjörður, a small village with a very active local community in sports, handcrafts, music and lots of social and voluntary engagements of different kinds, and your multilingual host speaks Icelandic, English, Danish, Dutch, French and Spanish. You will find yourself submerged in a very special environment in Northern Iceland with great and unique possibilities to work, all nearby, e.g. beach, harbour, factories, lonely valleys and lakes, helpful and friendly people. 

The focus of the residency program is on creating a multidisciplinary weaving of artistic expressions through the experience of living and working together in the arctic environment, experiencing  the history, the nature and the variety of the culture of North Iceland. 

We look  for artists of all disciplines working in all mediums: writers, photographers, illustrators, textile artists, painters, actors, designers, developers, food entrepreneurs, etc. We invite them to come to Ólafsfjörður during mainly from October to March  to get inspiration from the environment, from the locals and from other artists bringing all their ideas into a multicultural and disciplinary melting pot.  

We seek to

  • keep an open, clear and interactive communication online as well as during the daily meals and at organised meetings.
  • prepare collaboration and present the artists residents online in advance of residency.
  • create an atmosphere of active listening and understanding of needs and differences amongst artists and amongst them and the local community.
  • introduce the local community to the artists.
  • evaluate the program online and share it.

Open Call For Artist
Own Project

Monthly fee for 2020 is:

  • € 1090 for 30 days for a big single bedroom with working space (one person)
  • € 1,690 Euro for 30 days in a big double bedroom with working space. (2 persons)

Included in the price:
Housing, working facilities, venues, studios, bed linen and towels, weekly cleaning of shared facilities, pick-up and drop-off in Akureyri and a warm meal from Monday – Saturday

We expect the participants to: 

  • join the local community 
  • prepare a presentation online of themselves and share it
  • respect the houserules.

Facilities & Services

Housing: Private bedroom in a shared housing facility. Residents stay upstairs in rooms in the guesthouse of Kaffi Klara and in private rooms in a house nearby. Each artist is assigned to their own private room. There are shared bathrooms in both facilities with a shower. The rooms have central heating, and are well equipped. Two of the rooms in the guesthouse have an extra working space.
There is place for up to 8-9 artists.

Cleaning of housing: 1 x week, change of bed linens and towels. Residents are responsible with emptying trash, removal of linen and towels.

Meals: Shared hot meals at midday are provided Monday through Saturday. Residents are responsible for making their own breakfasts and dinners.

Computer/internet access: Wi-Fi provided in all areas.

Studio information: Two of the rooms at the guesthouse have a small working/studio space with a table. Working space is available in the cellar of the coffeehouse. Artists will have the possibility to use the art and working facilities at the Junior High School in the village. Artists are expected to bring all tools, equipment, materials needed for their stay. Proper waste disposals and fire-safe containers are provided.

Venues: Kaffi Klara itself can be used as an exhibition venue. Furthermore next to the coffeehouse is a small museum – Pálshús– with space for exhibitions. The Cultural Center “Tjarnarborg” run by the community is at the other side of the road and furthermore there are possibilities at the Junior High School for using it as a venue.

Collaboration in the planning:Kaktus” in Akureyri, an art and culture collective in Akureyri. “Ljóðasetrið” – the Poetry Center in Siglufjörður.

Other facilities and services 

Downstairs you will find Kaffi Klara, a cozy  nice coffeehouse where you can enjoy coffee and cakes. There you will enjoy your daily meals and you will be able to work in your computer during the day, meet with people, brainstorm or just hangout.
In Ólafsfjörður there is a swimming pool with hot spa, a sauna & a well equipped gym. In the fjord are interesting hiking trails, and a black beach with old drying racks near them. Next to us is an abandoned fjord, Héðinsfjörður.
There is a supermarket next door to Kaffi Klara, with a local post office inside. An ATM on main street. Free transit available to Siglufjörður with the school bus on week days, but children take priority. A very small apothecary is in the lobby of the home for the elderly.
A lot of activities are going on in the village, from zumba to yoga, bridge and knitting at the Red Cross. Also a variety of events, all as different as the next.

Good to know

Siglufjörður: Alcohol store. Apothecary. Hospital.

Dalvík: Alcohol store. Húsasmiðjan (hardware store). Second hand market.

Day trips that can be organized:
Mývatn/Húsavík/Akureyri/ Skagafjörður
Local tours discovering the surroundings ending up in a local hot tub.

Contact information

Contact person: Ida Marguerite Semey.
Telephonenumber: +3546957718.
Address: Kaffi Klara Art Residence, Strandgata 2, 625, Ólafsfjörður.