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Trolls in town

29.09.2019 – 29.10.2019

Troll stories are part of the old Icelandic folktales and have been told for hundreds of years. Most trolls are described as greedy and cruel but some are also kind and even helpful.  The trolls often live far up in the mountains and only go their ways at night because at the rise of the sun they turn into stones. You can see their stone faces in the mountains, cliffs or rockstacks.  Ólafsfjörður is surrounded by mountains and therefore its easy to let your imagination run wild and tell stories about the trolls that live all around us.

We invite  people working in a wide range of disciplines to apply for a four week long programme to give troll stories life with masks, costumes, artwork and sounds and we will feed them with real troll food. Creative minds, such as visual artists, writers, photographers, storytellers, painters, food entrepreneurs, musicians, and journalists are encouraged to apply..2019