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Artic Troll taste 4-5 hours

We welcome you to our food taste adventure with a glass of cava with berry liquor or a glass of local beer. Before starting the dinner we will tell you about the Icelandic food traditions and we tell you about the food you are going to eat and how it is prepared betweens the courses.

It is a real Troll treat with tastes of some the best of dishes that the Icelandic cuisine offers – a delicious savory sandwich cake with prawns and salmon and  a small cup of soup . A plate with traditional Plokkfiskur, tiny fish balls with melted butter and salted cod. Another dish with lamb meat in curry or slow cooked leg of lamb and a breaded lamb chop,rhubarb chutney, sweetened red cabbage, peas, and caramelized potatoes. The evening ends with a delicious taste of two traditional cakes with a good cup of coffee or tea.

Price 8.900