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Artic Coast Food Adventure 8-9 hours

Come and discover how to cook traditional Icelandic dishes with local ingredients from the Artic Coast Way in Iceland. Join us in an adventurous cultural food event placed in a greenhouse in a small village at the Artic Coast Way using local ingredients for both lunch and dinner with an innovative twist.
We start the day preparing the dough of the bread for dinner and lunch. We prepare the lunch we will enjoy in the brake while we talk about ingredients and how to build up taste and use the most of it and minimize waste. We will bake a typical Icelandic cake to be enjoyed with a good cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon. Depending what´s for dinner we might start cooking the dinner early in order to let it zimmer to be rich in taste and texture.
After lunch we will go outdoor to enjoy the surroundings in the village while learning about the history of fishing, about the history of geothermal water and how it is used, we pay a visit to the local smoke oven and fetch some smoked trout or salmon.
Depending on the season of the year we will pick up various ingredients in nature and we will go for a small tour in the local shop learning about typical Icelandic products and what the trend is amongst the locals.
Back in the kitchen we will bake the bread and prepare dinner together:  
A starter,in tapas form with different ingredients ( fish, vegetables and meat),  a main course (meat, fish, or both), vegetables of the season and a typical icelandic dessert.
At the end we sit down and enjoy our food together with a glass of local beer or a glass of wine.  

Price 35.000